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Well&Truly Magnificent: Flex Appeal

Updated: Jan 20

Founded by presenter, journalist and all-round super mum Anna Whitehouse (best known as Mother Pukka), #FlexAppeal is a movement for Flexible Working: generating awareness for what it is, how to get it, and even arranging lycra-clad flash mobs to sing about it. 

After being scolded by her daughter’s school when arriving late for pick-up, Anna made the logical decision to ask for flexible working. Frustratingly, her employer denied the request and so Anna decided it was time to leave. 

Instead, she began her #flexappeal campaign, raising support for the more than 50,000 British women who are forced out of their jobs after becoming mums. Anna and her husband Matt (Papa Pukka) have since made waves in breaking down some of the archaic attitudes towards working hours in the UK, they’ve presented a TEDx talk and are campaigning to pass a parliamentary bill to make flexible working an option for everyone.

As a business run by two working mums with a remote and flexible team, we salute Anna for helping to gain flexible working rights for all Brits. We think she’s a magnificent example of the huge impact a person can have, given the flexibility to do so. Well&truly awesome work, Anna!

For more information, head to instagram and search #flexappeal or read more on Anna’s blog :https://www.motherpukka.co.uk/flex/




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