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We’re proud to be a brand that’s founded and run by two hard-working mums. From the very start, magnificent women have been part of the Well&Truly DNA. Throughout our journey, we’ve collected a list of inspirational friends whose empowering stories have encouraged us to do our best without trying to be "perfect".

We’ve set out to support the magnificent women, businesses and charities who we think deserve to be celebrated. So, whether you’re in need of a little Monday motivation or you’d like a reminder of the good in the world, we hope you’ll enjoy some of the Well&Truly Magnificent stories that we share!


Ebun is the founder of Ranwo: a social enterprise that helps black single mothers to train in computer literacy skills and find employment as virtual assistants.

“The name ‘Ranwo’ comes from the Yoruba Nigerian dialect word “iranwo”, which means to help or provide assistance. I chose it to honour my mum, who is a hardworking Nigerian single mother. It embodies the mission of Ranwo - to help and empower mums like her,” Ebun tells us.

After realising one of the key challenges facing many single mothers: the struggle to afford childcare to support their full time jobs, Ranwo set out its mission to provide a route into remote working. The enterprise also works with companies from various industries who require extra help, teaming them up with mums who have received their training.

Ranwo has only been up and running for a year, but we think Ebun is at the start of something well&truly magnificent!

For more info or to arrange a virtual assistant for your business, contact: info@ranwo.co.uk




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