LOOK STOP SWAP | Sugar Action

One in five children will be overweight by the time they start school. By the age of 10, this will be one in three.

 Hey Snackers,

We are honoured to be a part of Dr. Will's Look Stop Swap campaign! The box offers great alternatives to tackle high-in-sugar diets, partnering up with some of the best brands that provide low-in-sugar products including our Banging BBQ Crunchies & lots of other incredible brands!

All profits from the swap boxes are being donated to one very worthwhile cause - World Central Kitchen. We've had an update from them and want to share the incredible work that donations, like yours, are doing to support those in Ukraine.

 Over 16 million meals served, and 8 million pounds of food delivered to families across Ukraine.

With the invasion of Ukraine now entering its third month, WCK continues to expand its efforts to support the brave and resilient Ukrainian people. 

Millions of families have been forced to flee their homes as others live in basements underground, staying safe as bombs fall on their neighbourhoods. WCK teams deliver meals to newly liberated cities and stockpile food in areas under constant attack.

With your help, they have served more than 16 million meals and have teams active in 110 cities and towns in Ukraine. They have also built a logistics network of delivery vans, trucks, trains, and warehouses throughout the country - delivering over 8 million pounds of food to families.

The WCK team will continue to work every day to get freshly prepared meals and ingredients for cooking to people outside Ukraine, as well as families sheltering outside the country.

We're in absolute awe of their work, and although small in comparison, we're proud that the Look, Stop, Swap boxes can provide support to Ukrainian families in some way.

There is still time to donate! Whether you contribute via buying our swap box, or you donate directly to World Central Kitchen, we thank you a hundred-times-over for your support.

Your contributions help communities in Ukraine eat, whilst supporting families at home in the UK too.

Until next time,