Don't Shop, Swap! Launch Party

On Saturday 18th September, we were honoured to be a part of the 'Don't Shop, Swap! official launch party:


Don’t Shop, Swap, a new fashion-tech start-up based in London, is hosting a party to celebrate the launch of its online gamified clothes swapping platform. 

What is Don’t Swap, Shop launching? The subscription service enables subscribers to ‘purchase’ trend-setting clothes, using their unwanted clothes as currency. The first of its kind platform will offer a curated collection of preloved, designer and vintage clothing from October 2021. “We are on a mission to save the world from the harmful environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry and to make second-hand apparel affordable and accessible for all.” Lydia Hartley, Founder of Don’t Shop, Swap 

How will subscribers use Don’t Shop, Swap? Subscribers, otherwise known as ‘swap players’, will be granted full access to clothing available to swap on the platform and will be able to make an unlimited number of swaps per month. Subscribers will be able to send unwanted clothes to Don’t Shop, Swap, in exchange for bronze, silver or gold digital coins, which can then be used to spend on site. Coins will be awarded based on the quality, condition and desirability of the clothing submitted by subscribers. The swap game will become more competitive over time, with the introduction of top players, leader boards, and early access to drops being introduced later this year. Subscribers will have to battle it out for the best items to reach the top of the swap game.  

The Don’t Shop, Swap online platform will be piloted in London initially, targeting eco-conscious fashion students and will look to expand to other university towns and cities across the UK in 2022, driven by a wider student ambassador scheme.   

What’s on at the launch party? Don’t Shop, Swap’s official launch party will take place on Saturday 18th September at Lock Studios in De Beauvoir, East London to celebrate the occasion. In addition to an in-person clothes swap, where guests will exchange clothes with one another, the party will play host to vintage and preloved clothes resellers, handmade jewellery brands, independent designers selling upcycled fashion creations, a live DJ and some of London’s hottest food and drink brands.

Check out their website below!